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Alliance for Strong Families and Communities Learning Community

The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities learning offerings, including, webinars and self-paced and instructor-led courses, help human services processionals translate knowledge into action. Our offerings help leaders address issues related to organizational excellence, practice, and public policy. To complement courses offered through the Alliance, our members also have special access to online communities and a library.

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Contact the Alliance‚Äôs Organizational Learning Department with questions.

SPARK 2021, Oct. 12-14, is a three-day virtual experience that will activate the power of the social sector.

Courses on creating an equitable organization and society that promotes access, opportunity, and prosperity for all people.

Courses on practices for ensuring an organization can achieve its full potential; topics include financial stability, outcomes measurement, innovation, and generative partnerships.

Courses on ensuring public policies help all people can access the essential building blocks of well-being over the course of their lives.

Courses aligned with the Alliance's Commitments for High-Impact Organizations, which offer foundational direction in achieving impact.

Courses on establishing living wages and pathways to financial well-being that support increased stability and reduce poverty.

Courses on achieving a continuum of educational supports that prepare children and youth to succeed in the 21st century.

Courses on achieving an integrated, holistic, prevention-first health model that responds to the social determinants of health.

Courses on creating integrated systems that ensure that people thrive and are safe from abuse, neglect, violence, and exploitation.

Courses and content created by social sector organizations and partners in the Alliance Strategic Action Network.

Members-only affinity groups for collaborating, sharing solutions, and discussing emerging trends.

Courses on the core story of brain development and how it can be applied to practice and policy to improve health and well-being.