[Webinar] How to Present Data to Leadership

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Recorded Webinar
July 8, 2021 at 1:00 p.m. CT

The aggregation and reporting of data—PQI, financial, and other critical information—is essential to sustaining the health of organizations and advancing their culture of excellence. And within organizations, evaluation and research teams are skilled at collecting and analyzing this data.

However, presenting data effectively to executives and other internal stakeholders is not as straightforward as it might seem. If we are honest, most of our data presentations are non-engaging (boring), saturated with numbers and graphs (not aesthetically pleasing), and can be needlessly confusing (lacking simplicity). This webinar will offer tips and strategies to help you translate mounds of data and analysis into presentations that engage leaders and increase their understanding and appreciation of essential information.

Sponsored by the Alliance-COA Performance Excellence APEX, this session will help you apply creativity to presentations that will result in leaders understanding the value and opportunities in data aggregation and analysis. We will focus on fostering solutions that make data presentations more engaging and effective, while igniting leaders’ desire to dive deeper into more substantial reports. Three main

objectives will be discussed: Understanding the perspective of our leaders; learning what will make our data engaging; and learning how to improve visual data.

About the Performance Excellence APEX

This community connects professionals who have primary responsibilities for the performance excellence activities of their organizations and provides them with tactical tools, content, shared experience, and advice. The PE APEX group further assists members in designing effective and evidence-based organizations, achieving program goals, increasing client satisfaction, and creating positive client outcomes.

Learn more about promoting a data-driven culture in human services in which all stakeholders are included in the work of performance excellence in the on-demand webinar, Creating a Culture of Performance Excellence.


What stakeholders are really looking for when data is presented

How to transform reporting into clean and attractive presentations

How to keep the audience’s attention while presenting

How to help leaders better understand findings from the data collected

Who Should Participate: 

Performance excellence staff

PQI staff

Research and evaluation staff

Program directors

Human resources staff


Janay Brinkley

Director of Performance Quality and Improvement

Casa Central

Janay Brinkley is a member of the Casa Central family and has several years of experience with PQI. She earned a bachelor’s from Middle Tennessee State in mass communications and a master’s in sports industry management from Georgetown University. Her colorful and well-rounded experience includes roles in government working with detained youth, in the for-profit sector with sales, and additional years in nonprofits creating and reconstructing systems and procedures for efficiency and maximum quality.