Intensive Accreditation Training (IAT)

Intensive Accreditation Training (IAT) 
Live on Zoom 
Rescheduled Date To Be Determined

This event has a 20 person capacity

The Intensive Accreditation Training (IAT) is designed to prepare organizations to get the most out of their accreditation experience.  Topics discussed in this training include:  

  • an in-depth overview of COA's accreditation process, including key milestones;  

  • an overview of COA’s standards and the relationship between standards, evidence, and the rating indicators;  

  • understanding how ratings are assigned by the volunteer review team and accreditation decision-making process; 

  • tips on how to get organized and manage the work; 

  • preparation for the Site Visit. 

Who Should Participate: 

  • Organization primary contacts 

  • Senior leaders at organizations seeking accreditation 

  • Other staff involved in an organization’s accreditation process 



Joe Frisino 

COA Standards Technical Assistance Consultant